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Interview Tips
6 Things to Do Before an Interview

6 Things to Do Before an Interview

We feel anxious when being interviewed for a job because of the issue of public performance, and because of the perceived value of success or failure.

Job interviewers are not common events in our lives. If we are seeking a job, we may have submitted many applications and resumes, and only been selected for a few interviews. This heightens the perceived value of the interview, itself.

We realize that we are being judged by our performance—not as to the job skills themselves, but our ability interact with those interviewing us. So, we are not online the student who is having to speak in front of a class, or the performer with a bit of stage fright.

The situation is also generally novel to us—while may have spent much time in education or training for the job itself, we likely have not received any training to for the interview situation.

Finally, we are aware of the implications success or failure—we will either feel elated to find out that we are being offered the position, or will feel the sting and disappointment of rejection. If we have been previously rejected, this may heighten such apprehension

Benefits of preparing for an interview

Here are several of the benefits you earn by preparing ahead of your interview:

  • Improves your comfort
  • Increases your confidence
  • Gain constructive feedback
  • Understand your body language

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6 Things to Do Before an Interview

1.Prepare your questions
When asked by the interviewer if you have any questions,. This demonstrates that you’re prepared, enthusiastic and committed to the role and the company. Try to think of less obvious but interesting questions that will set you apart from other candidates.

2.Practice your Interview Technique
Think beforehand about how you can best demonstrate your skills and experiences . This can make you feel more confident on the day. If you’ve been asked to give a presentation as part of the interview process, give it a final run-through, make sure you’ve got prompt cards, and try to make it as compelling as possible
3. Plan your journey

Spend time prior to the interview working out how you’ll get there. Look up public transport routes and timetables, or find out where you can park. Plan how long the journey will take. Do a practice run, if necessary. Aim to arrive about 15 minutes early.

5. Stay focused
Clear your diary before and after the interview, so you can stay fully focused on the event. In order to give the interview your total attention, you don’t want to be preoccupied with other things that need doing that day.

6.Increases your confidence
As you alleviate stress and prepare for your interview, your confidence rises. Knowing how to answer questions feels empowering, ensuring that you’re ready for the interview. Confidence within an interview increases the chances of remembering the skills and experience you earned in previous positions.

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