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React JS Training Course

6+ Live Projects with Redux And Free Git Course with Placement

A JavaScript library for building user interfaces.
Learn Once, Write Anywhere

React makes it painless to create interactive UIs. Design simple views for each state in your application, and React will efficiently update and render just the right components when your data changes.

According to Stack Overflow, JavaScript’s React is the library “most developers want to work with if they don’t already.” React is powering the mobile revolution and is a critical skill that developers need to innovate and reach more users on mobile platforms. To date, this JavaScript library fuels 46 percent of all the world’s websites and applications across industries.

It is no wonder that many big tech giants have embraced React. Faster time-to-market, ease of use, quick rendering with V-DOM, efficient design and developer tools are just some of the reasons React has become so popular. The list of top global enterprises leveraging React doesn’t cease to impress: Instagram, Twitter, Netflix, Yahoo!Mail, KhanAcademy, WhatsApp, DropBox, Atlassian, Salesforce, New York Times, BBC, GitHub, PayPal, Asana, Reddit, Cloudflare, Tesla, Uber and Zendesk.

2 Months Training schedules : (Version Up):
2 Months Training Program
Only Practical things
Guided By our Professional Programmers cum Trainers
On job training program with 100% Placement Assistance

About Version Up

Our Main Goal to provide the professional training as per Industry demand on programming skills, Style of coding, self motivated, professional behaved and easily available on all resources as on Version Up at now. we have 100% job Guaranteed program so you can secure your future with this program and work for us. Our Version Up’s Professional Developers will guided you from Basic to Advance level programming Style as in n-tier Architecture and methods for how we do smart work rather than hard work, we defiantly improve your skills and give job opportunity after your Training program.
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Final Year BE. B tech one Year project Training & jobs version Up welcome all Final year BE Student for their one year live project with IT industry and then we give job in IT Industry.


Version Up also provide Training in Industry. and train company’s employee for bettar future of company.

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