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Scope of web designing in India

Scope of web designing in India

India is changing its digital era as more and more web designing professionals are making it more vibrant through their skills. The eCommerce industry is leveraging this growth as web design India is flourishing at a fast rate.

With $681 billion in online retail sales in 2016, China is the largest market for e-commerce globally, followed by the US, and the fastest growing one is India.

Version Up Best IT Training
Version Up Best IT Training

According to Forrester, Asia Pacific continues to be the largest region for online retail sales. Their data shows that with $681 billion in online retail sales in 2016, China is the largest market for e-commerce globally, followed by the US; but it is India that is the fastest-growing e-commerce market.

Now web Designers will never be out of a job because the internet needs them for its survival and vice-versa.

With booming IT industry, web designing has a wide scope in India. Most of the companies wishing to create their own websites look for skilled and qualified web designers. A web designer can be absorbed in different fields such as advertising agencies, publishing houses, audio-visual media agencies, design studios, printers and typesetters, manufacturers and department stores, marketing firms, exhibits and displays and educational institutes and libraries. The growth is dependent on experience and creativity. All major software companies require well-qualified web designers to lead the industry at the top rank.

Web designing relates to the design of web pages, websites and web applications. It is a medium used by a digital marketing agency to promote their business and other corporate agencies to market several products to the customers. Web Designing is the process by which web designer make visitors able to access the web pages at one platform with several images, texts, links, graphics etc. Web designing is a career in which a professional simply sell his high creative skills. Web designing has been a very dynamic stream for graphic artistes and content creators. He/she should have proper knowledge of the content. Graphics like color, pattern, texture, etc should always be clear and effective. The web designers are more in demand in web development and software development companies. It is an integral and significant part of IT, a most promising career option.

Job Opportunities in Web Designing

1. Front End Developer

The job role of a front end developer means to develop the website visually. It is more focused on proper navigation, landing pages, checking the user interface and much more. However, this also means that you can attract a high salary capacity which gives you a great choice in your career. So being a front end developer can be a great option for you.

2. Back End Developer

The back end developer means that you need to mainly work with the three web languages including HTMLCSS, and JavaScript. The back end developer has a job role to design everything specifically from padding, headers, footers and even structuring the website. Without any proper web designer, a website will never have a proper structure.

3. Web Application Developer

Being a Web application developer can also be a great career option if you are a web designing expert. Almost most of the websites are not willing to make an additional application which will bring in the exposure for you to get the best results. Being a professional web designer and developing the web application will earn you a lucrative salary opportunity.

4. Design and Layout Analyst

Being a Design and Layout Analyst means that you need to have complete command over the HTML and PHP. The main job role of a Design and Layout Analyst is to figure out a structure on how the website will design and will be implemented on the users. So it is all about creating the structure through HTML and PHP web languages.

5. UI Designer

Being a UI Designer means that you need to focus completely on the User Interface. It is a technical role that is responsible for presenting product development in many ways. So basically the main responsibility for a UI Designer is to think from the audience’s perspectives and build up a website according to it. But for this, you need to understand coding and multiple web languages and know how it all works to design a website.

6. Senior Web Analyst

The job role of a Senior Web Analyst is majorly to know all about the metrics and the data analytics of the website. This means that you need to have a stiff knowledge of web designing as well as data analysis of the websites. Because a lot of things depend on the landing pages, this is the reason why Senior Web Analysts are the most important part of any website. This is the reason why the pay scale for the post is much higher.

7. Web marketing Analyst

The demand for a Web marketing Analyst is indeed very high in the Indian Market. There are several job opportunities for most of the Web marketing Analysts present in India because the rankings of a website and gaining traffic for a website depends on such key roles. Being a Web marketing Analyst means that you need to have an account of every data including designing, contents of a website, marketing strategy and much more.

8. UX developer

The job role of a UX developer is to develop on the User experience. It is much like the user interface developer but with some additional job roles which will always give you the best results at times. Being a professional means that you need to focus on multiple things like user navigation, user-end design and also web designing. So it is very efficient that being a UX developer will attract you a lucrative salary.

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