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100% Job Guarantees: We ensure you a 100% job placement . After completing your training you will get a chance to work with us, but if you wish to move somewhere else the company will also help you in that aspect.Live Training:Version Up truly believes that it is the practical things that separate the extraordinary from the ordinary developers in the industry and that’s why the institutes focus so much on the practical rather than theory. Version Up provides you with a unique opportunity to work on the live project which enhances your skill set.Expert Guidance: For training our students in the best possible way, we have a set of professionals who are working in the Industry for a long, long time and have the ability to handle any tough situations. The students will be able to learn a lot from these experts such as error solving techniques, handling clients, interview tips and most importantly personality development.Student Oriented Approach: At Version Up our heart and soul are truly dedicated to our student’s community. They are the one who is of prime importance to us and therefore we always focus on the requirement of each student, listen to their future plans and then advise them accordingly.One-to-One Learning: One-to-One learning means each student is focused individually by the institute and there is one trainer specifically dedicated for that student so that he/she is able to develop under the guidance of the trainer and if any difficulty arrives in his/her work, he/she will be able to express themselves in a better way.Time line: Unlike other institutes who give you fake promises regarding the timeline of the course, Version Up its a course designed in a manner that it is always able to meet its deadline without the students having to worry about the course completion. But as far as knowledge is the concern, there are no boundaries to that. You can learn in whatever hours or days that you want to, the institute will keep changing the experts for you as your knowledge base is increased.Chance to Fail: Now, this is the unique approach that you will see in no other institute. Our set of experts believes that failure is the key to any success and therefore Version Up provides you with the chance to fail in your first 5 interviews as it will help you to prepare better and in the 6th time you will get the best job for yourself.Certification: Last but not the least is the certification. After completing our professional training program you will receive a course completion as well as the experience certificate from the institute which will help you in your careerIn India, we know that thousands of software engineers are produced every day, but only a few of them are able to rise to the demand of the industry and be very successful. The main reason behind that is the lack of practical knowledge, so if you are in the field of IT don’t waste your time in the theories, join Version Up and secure a good job for yourself in the industry.

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