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Web Designing Course In Ahmedabad


6+ Live Projects With Free Git Course

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Overview Of Web Designing Course

Best Web Designing Training In Ahmedabad with Certificate

Version Up is Best IT Training Institute In Ahmedabad. We offer you Web Designing Course  In Ahmedabad with 6+ Live Projects. Git course is free with web designing course .

If you want to make your career as web designer you can join this course .In This Web Designing Course Training In Ahmedabad include Basic to advance modules.  Web Designing Course from Version Up also include web animation,layout type ,create responsive layout .Web Designing Training   Course Have 15+ Modules.


Benefits of Learning Web Design with Version Up

  • Certified Training
  • 100% Placement
  • Module Wise Assignment
  • Live Project Training
  • 6+ Live Projects
  • Free Git Course

In This Web Designing Course Yon Can Learn Basic To Advance. HTML,
CSS,Javascript,Jquery,Bootstrap,WordPress.Contact On : +91 8780656929 for your free demo 

About web Designing Course

This Course include  HTML to  Bootstrap Framework . We offers certification oriented Web Designing Training in Ahmedabad. Our Trainers for Web Designing is famous freelancers and corporate experts.

HTML and CSS are the codes for writing web pages. HTML handles the basic structure and ‘bones’ of your page, while CSS handles the style and appearance. If you are a good web designer, you will also pay attention to concepts like responsive design, aesthetics, usability and accessibility when building your site.

Best Web Designing Course in Ahmedabad

After Web Designing Course You can Do 

Freelancing Task
Get job In MNC
Build Web Product

Benefits To Join Web Designing Course

Industry Expert Faculties
Completed 50+ Batches
100% Job Oriented Training
Free Demo Class Available
Certification Guidance
Make  your career as Web Designer   and Join Version Up Best Course –  Training in Ahmedabad. Join us we provide the Best Web Designing Training Course in Ahmedabd. For Free demo Class, Call/WhatsApp +91 – 8780656929

Version Up - Best web Designing Training Institute In Ahmedabad Provide Free Placement With 100% job Placement. Need More Information Call O : +91-8780656929

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    Who Can Join Web Designing Course ?

    Version Up provide Best web designing Training  in Ahmedabad with placement .You can also join Web Designing  Course Online/Offline .

     No Need To Any Extra Technical background.
    For Mode Details about Web designing course in ahmedabad call on : Call/WhatsApp +91 – 8780656929
    You can join this course after BCA/MCA/ME/BE/12th

    Why we are Best in Web Designing Course in Ahmedabad ?

    Trained Faculties 
    Free Placement
    You can join Our Development Team After  Training
    Include free Git Course
    Include Javascript/Jquery Module
    Include Blog Creation 
    500+ Students Registered
    30+ Company tie ups

    Course Content For Web Designing Training Course

    Introduction to Web Technologies
    ➢ Careers in Web Technologies and Job Roles
    ➢ How the Website Works?
    ➢ Client and Server Scripting Languages
    ➢ Domains and Hosting o Responsive Web Designing
    ➢ Types of Websites (Static and Dynamic Websites)
    ➢ Web Standards and W3C recommendations

    What is Markup Language o Basic Structure of HTML
    ➢ Difference Between HTML and XHTML
    ➢ Head Section and Elements of Head Section
    ➢ Meta Tags
    ➢ Css Tags
    ➢ Script Tag
    ➢ Table Tag
    ➢ Div Tag
    ➢ Header Tags
    ➢ Paragraph, Span, Pre Tags
    ➢ Anchor Links and Named Anchors
    ➢ Image Tag
    ➢ Object Tag
    ➢ Iframe Tag
    ➢ Forms o Form Tag o Attributes of Form
    ➢ POST and GET Method
    ➢ Fieldset and Legend o Text input, Text area
    ➢ Checkbox and Radio Button
    ➢ Dropdown, List and Optgroup
    ➢ File Upload and Hidden Fields
    ➢ Submit, Image, Normal, Reset Button
    ➢ Creating a Live Website Form
    ➢ HTML Validators

    Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets
    ➢ Types of CSS

    ➢ CSS Selectors
    ➢ Universal Selector
    ➢ ID Selector o Tag Selector
    ➢ Class Selector o Sub Selector
    ➢ Child Combinatory Selector
    ➢ Adjacent Sibling Selector
    ➢ Attribute Selector o Group selector
    ➢ First-line and First-letter selector
    ➢ Before and After Selector
    ➢ CSS Properties
    ➢ Type Properties
    ➢ Background Properties
    ➢ Block Properties
    ➢ Box Properties
    ➢ List Properties
    ➢ Border Properties
    ➢ Positioning Propeties
    ➢ Realtime Implementation
    ➢ Converstion of Table to CSS Layout
    ➢ CSS Menu Design (Horizontal, Vertical)
    ➢ Form Designing

    Introduction to HTML5
    ➢ Features of HTML5
    ➢ HTML5 DocType
    ➢ New Structure Tags
    ➢ Section
    ➢ Nav
    ➢ Article
    ➢ Aside
    ➢ Header
    ➢ Footer
    ➢ Designing a HTML Structure of Page
    ➢ New Media Tags

    ➢ Audio Tag
    ➢ Video Tag

    Canvas and Svg Tag
    ➢ Introduction to HTML5 Forms
    ➢ New Attributes
    ➢ Placeholder Attribute
    ➢ Require Attribute
    ➢ Pattern Attribute o Autofocus Attribute o email , tel, url types
    ➢ Number type
    ➢ Date type
    ➢ Range type
    ➢ Examples of Form

    ➢ Introduction to CSS 3
    ➢ New CSS 3 Selectors
    ➢ Attribute Selectors
    ➢ First-of-type
    ➢ Last-of-type
    ➢ Nth-child
    ➢ New CSS3 Properties
    ➢ Custom Fonts
    ➢ Text-Shadow Property
    ➢ Text-Stroke Property
    ➢ Rounded Corners
    ➢ Box Shadows
    ➢ CSS Gradients
    ➢ CSS Multiple backgrounds
    ➢ Opacity Property
    ➢ Transition effect
    ➢ Transform effect
    ➢ Animation effects
    ➢ Css Media Queries
    ➢ Using CSS3 in Practical Layout

    Introduction to Responsive Design

    ➢ Mobile first design concepts
    ➢ Common device dimensions
    ➢ View-port tag
    ➢ Using css media queries
    ➢ Menu conversion script
    ➢ Basic Custom Layout
    ➢ Introduction to Bootstrap
    ➢ Installation of Bootstrap
    ➢ Grid System o Forms
    ➢ Buttons o Icons Integration
    ➢ Using CSS3 in Practical Layout

    Introduction to Client Side Scripting
    ➢ Introduction to Java Script
    ➢ Javascript Types
    ➢ Variables in JS
    ➢ Operators in JS
    ➢ Conditions Statements
    ➢ Java Script Loops
    ➢ JS Popup Boxes
    ➢ JS Events
    ➢ JS Arrays
    ➢ Working with Arrays
    ➢ JS Objects
    ➢ JS Functions
    ➢ Using Java Script in Realtime
    ➢ Validation of Forms
    ➢ Related Examples

    Introduction to jQuery
    ➢ jQuery Features
    ➢ Installing jQuery
    ➢ jQuery Syntax
    ➢ jQuery Ready Function
    ➢ jQuery Selectors

    ➢ jQuery Actions
    ➢ jQuery plugins
    ➢ Introduction to jQuery
    ➢ jQuery Features
    ➢ Installing jQuery
    ➢ jQuery Syntax
    ➢ jQuery Ready Function
    ➢ jQuery Selectors
    ➢ jQuery Actions
    ➢ jQuery plugins



    Web Designing Course Benefits

    Expert Faculty

    5+ years Experience Faculty

    You Can Join Our Team

    After training You can join our development team http://versionup.co.in/

    Web Designing Interview Questions

    • HTML which stands for Hypertext Markup Language that helps design the base template.
    • CSS which stands for Cascading Style Sheets is used for styling the pages.
    • JS which is JavaScript is used to code the functionality.
    • PHP or Personal Home Page which is used for server-side scripting

    HTML is Hypertext Markup Language which is the most used language for making web pages or websites.

    CSS or Cascading Style Sheets are needed to give the look and feel of any website. They help in the management of font styles, sizes and color combinations that are required for web pages. One change in the CSS file will cause a change to the entire website because web pages retrieve data every time and then display it.

    Semantic HTML denotes a coding style where the tags indicate the semantics of text that is to be conveyed. For e.g.,  denotes bold text, denotes italics and so on. Semantic HTML only represents formatting without any structure or meaning

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