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What is Git? Why Git is Necessary ?

What is Git? Why Git is Necessary ?

Git allows a team of people to work together, all using the same files. And it helps the team cope with the confusion that tends to happen when multiple people are editing the same files.





For example :

Assume your working on any text file or word file and saving your college project or some of your novel works and by chance you deleted a paragraph and close the file. Tada! What the hell the paragraph you had written its gone and cannot be retained.

Everyone have worked on backing up their files if they are important before you edit or keep track of all the changes earlier for Eg. accounts_v1.txt, accounts orignal.txt, accounts_old.txt, accounts_new.txt

Why would you do the backups is because in case if you delete something later you can go back to that backup and see what was there.

So all the time you wont be able to take a backup’s in all the systems you have and many times there are chance that you will collaborate and work with others. Since you guys will be working simultaneously you cant wait for other to share the files for you and then you start working on that.

That’s where the Version Control System (VCS) comes into picture. These tools help you to mange the code by keeping track of your file and you can see what was merged, what was added, what was deleted and so on…

If you were using some Version Control System and were editing the a text file and by chance you delete some important text or notes and close, then no VCS is for you help and will rescue from your problems.

How Do I Use Git?

  • Create repository
  • After creation of repository, there will be comes two git commands
  • Copy first command – git remote (full link)
  • And then paste in your project terminal or command line and then hit enter
  • After that git status
  • That git add <space>. (dot)
  • git commit -a -u “any text like first commit”
  • git push -u origin master

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