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Python Learning
Why Python is Popular ?

Why Python is Popular ?

Some of the reason why python is popular among programmers are :

1.Simple Language:

Coding in Python is very simple.
A user with the non-coding background can easily learn this language if they have the good logical skill as python use basic English language for coding.

2. Free and Open Source:

Python is a freeware and open source software so it can be easily downloaded and used. It doesn’t require any activation key or subscription to work on it.

3. Portability :

Python can run any operating system. Also, we use the python code written on one system onto another system without making any changes to the code.

4. Extensible and Embeddable:

This feature is provided to the user as to extend python from its initial state.

An extensible software program, for example, might support add-ons or plug-ins that add extra functionality to the program.

5. High-level Interpreted Language:

In this feature the code which execute instruction directly and freely, without previously compiling a program into machine language instructions.

6. Object Oriented :

Python is object-oriented so it is organised around objects rather than “actions” and data rather than logic

7.Python Has a Healthy, Active and Supportive Community

There is plenty of documentation, guides, tutorials etc and the developer community is incredibly active. That mean any time someone needs help or support, they can get it in a timely manner. The community helps the developers of all skills levels beginner to expert.

8. Python Has Some Great Corporate Sponsors

Google adopted Python heavily back in 2006, and they have used it for many platforms & applications. Because if companies like Google want their team and future developers to work with their systems & apps, they need to provide resources. In Google’s case, they created a vast quantity of guides & tutorials for working with Python.

9. Python Has Big Data

The use of Big Data and cloud computing solutions in the enterprise world have also helped skyrocket Python to success. It is one of the most popular languages used in data science and also being used for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence system and modern technologies.

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