What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source software one can use to develop any website. It is one of the best platforms to write blogs. It will also help you to organize your posts and pages.WordPress allows you to include different themes to give you the flexibility to edit your wordpress. You can also have various plugins to customize your website and make it creative.

WordPress is CMS Of PHP .
  • PHP is a server-side scripting language and an interpreter.
  • PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor.PHP is an open-source, interpreted, and object-oriented scripting language
  • It allows developers to build logic and create daynamic website.PHP is used to develop web applications.
  • PHP can be embedded into HTML
  • PHP is an open-source scripting language
  • PHP is simple and easy to learn language
  • PHP is an interpreted language, Example, there is no need for compilation
  • PHP is faster than other scripting languages
  • PHP is an object-oriented language

Why  WordPress ?

  • WordPress is Open Source Free Software. 
  • WordPress is easy to use.
  • WordPress Is Completely Customizable.
  • WordPress Is SEO Friendly
  • WordPress Is Safe and Secure.
  • Great Community

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PHP Training In Ahmedabad

Project Based Training

With 100% Job Placement

Free Git Course

PHP + WordPress

WordPress Training Course with Job Placement

If, you want to build your career in IT Industry in Ahmedabad , WordPress Development is great option for you .
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WordPress Development Course

WordPress , a server-side language that has been around for more than 27 years, we can create eCommerce website or any other dynamic website  using PHP.

  • you will learn basic of HTML , CSS, JavaScript which is basic of web development course.
  • Relation Database . MYSQL
  • PHP Core , PHP String Functions , PHP Array Functions , File Functions
  • You will learn procedural and object oriented programming using PHP.
  • API Creation in WordPress 
  • PHP CMS – WordPress 
  • Make E-commerce web module payment gateway integration
  • Third-party API integration etc.

You will learn a lot in WordPress Training course.
Using WordPress you can create blogs, dynamic websites, eCommerce websites, etc.

Benefits of WordPress Training Course

  • We give more concentration to design course structure and will update it regularly with advancement in technology.
  • Our courses are designed by highly professional and skilled software professionals with in-depth expertise in the field of IT..
  • Our training courses are designed by comprehending needs of different industries to develop their custom applications.
  • PHP runs on almost all operating systems, such as Linux and Windows. This lets you easily test or migrate your code between different servers very quickly, including localhost testing. I commonly test my PHP code on my Windows PC but deploy it to Linux servers.
  • We provide pleasant learning atmosphere to build interest of students in their course.
  • We have qualified and knowledgeable faculties who teach with complete dedication and proven teaching methodology. They always stay attentively to solve any query or problems of students.
  • We give opportunities to our students to work on live projects for 3 months that gives them in-depth understanding in the subject and real time working experience. Thus, we give job-oriented and industry-specific training to students.

And once again, PHP development is still running. so it is best option to learn WordPress 

What is Other Trending Framework Of PHP ? - Laravel

Laravel is a PHP web-framework; it utilized for growing top of the line web applications by utilizing critical language structures. It has a significant accumulation of devices and gives application design. It incorporates various qualities of advances like ASP.NET, MVC, CodeIgniter, Ruby, and so forth. It is the quickest developing PHP framework.

It is useful in a number of things which are mentioned below:
Constructive authorization: It is a great tool to implement authentication and authorization tasks in a proper way. With this tool, the complex activities get out.Object-oriented library: It has numerous libraries that are object-oriented along with the default libraries. The Authentication Library is also advantageous for users.MVC assistance: The top-class services within this structure gather huge attention due to the presence of MVC. The presentation and logic get cleared with such a feature.

Due to its operating on the server, Laravel concentrates on data handling and keeping to a model view controller design. Laravel is fully server side. A framework like React may focus mostly on user interaction and flashy functionality, but Laravel provides you with a strong basis for it – and it works well

so at last , Laravel is defined as an open-source framework related to PHP. People recommend using the Laravel Framework due to this reason.There are many things which comes under Laravel. But most importantly we have to know that why Laravel is important. Here are the following points which shows the Why Laravel is Important:-

  • It acts as a functional core which is easy to extend.
  • It makes the app development process easy and quick.
  • The routing process remains simple.
  • Proper unit for conducting the tests standing out of the frame.
  • Long-term tasks can be performed with the help of the async queue.
  • The database layer is extremely effective for the users.
  • It creates a simple integration process with the third-entity libraries.
  • It is required to schedule task management and configuration.
  • It is helpful in writing the unit tests quickly in laravel.
  • It is a great tool for message queue system configuration.
  • It makes it easy to configure the URL routes.

At last,Laravel Framework is a great technology in the field of web development.

Who is Eligible to do a WordPress Training Course in Ahmadabad?

Are you looking to make a career in WordPress , then you have landed in the right place. WordPress controls the backend administration of a website where applications like Joomla, Drupal, OS Commerce, WordPress, and Magento are developed in WordPress MYSQL. Check the eligibility criteria to learn WordPress .

  • If you’re a fresher and looking for a basic understanding of WordPress and MYSQL
  • If you’re a fresher and looking for a basic understanding of WordPress and MYSQL
  • if you are Bcom ,Mcom pass out and build your career as WordPress developer
  • If you are from any other sector like MBA,BBA,BCom,BE in NON IT , you can start PHP Developement Course

If you’re interested to know further then Please have a look at our advanced PHP Training course customization listed below.


WordPress Course Training:

Here, Best IT Training Institute Version Up Provide PHP Training With Laravel Framework .
Training is based on Projects .In this PHP Training Course you will get free git course . Git is version control application to manage your code easily .
All course include Placement and interview preparation .you can book your free demo lecture BEFORE registration.
so , In this WordPress Course you can learn basic to advance.

WordPress Training In Ahmedabad.

PWordPress is currently the most popular server-side web programming language widely used for creating websites and web applications by application and web development companies. 


Choose PHP framework

Most popular PHP frameworks are :

  • Laravel : In broad words, as mentioned above, PHP is used for web development, and it flaunts excellent in this department. Developers preferred using this scripting language for dynamic web pages. Laravel is a powerful MVC PHP framework, designed for developers who need a simple and elegant toolkit to create full-featured web applications. Laravel was created by Taylor Otwell.
  • Symfony :Symfony is an open-source PHP web application framework, designed for developers who need a simple and elegant toolkit to create full-featured web applications. Symfony is sponsored by SensioLabs.
  • CodeIgniter : CodeIgniter is a PHP MVC framework used for developing web applications rapidly. CodeIgniter provides out of the box libraries for connecting to the database and performing various operations like sending emails, uploading files, managing sessions, etc.
  • CakePHP : CakePHP is an open-source PHP framework for building web applications faster. Most importantly, it helps make the task simpler by minimizing the need to build your application from scratch.
  • Zend framework : Zend Framework is a fully object-oriented framework, and as such, it utilizes a lot of object-oriented (OO) concepts like inheritance and interfaces.Zend Framework has a very extensive Validation component, which you can use to validate data coming from forms.
  • Yii 2 : Yes It is or Yii is an open source, MVC based, object oriented, light weighted PHP framework. It is primarily popular amongst developers for general purpose web programming.Yii has garnered popularity because of the presence of advanced caching meaning. It means that, Yii is useful for web applications with high traffic flow, such as eCommerce sites and forums

If you are more clear about MVC Architecture in PHP , you can perform well in Framework. Symfony is an open-source PHP web application framework, designed for developers who need a simple and elegant toolkit to create full-featured web applications.

Choose PHP CMS

In general, we teach WordPress for non-customized PHP course but you can replace it or choose more.

  • WordPress : 
    WordPress is an open-source platform. This means anyone can modify the source code and redistribute the software.
    WordPress doesn’t require a computer engineering degree. It’s actually built for non-technical people.
    WordPress doesn’t limit any major media types. So, you can use any combination of text, images, and videos on your website. In this competitive market for consumers’ attention, it’s good to know that the platform gives you creative freedom.
    WordPress doesn’t limit any major media types. So, you can use any combination of text, images, and videos on your website. In this competitive market for consumers’ attention, it’s good to know that the platform gives you creative freedom.
  • Drupal :With over one million users worldwide, Drupal is an open-source CMS platform that small-to-large organizations can use freely without fear of vendor lock-in, low cost of implementation due to enormous amounts of freely-available community code, and robust and flexible architecture ready for the enterprise.
  • Joomla : Joomla! is the only major CMS that is built entirely by volunteers from all over the world. We have a strong community bond and all take pleasure in building something that has a large global impact. If you are interested in volunteering please head over to the volunteer portal
  • Magento :Power your online business with the most flexible and scalable ecommerce platform.While there are other platforms like OsCommerce, OpenCart, Zen Cart and WordPress etc., and are among the leading open source ecommerce platforms, Magento is widely regarded as the most search engine friendly ecommerce platform available in the market. This open source ecommerce platform, besides having rich features, offers users an unrivaled flexibility to manage content, looks, and functionality of their ecommerce store. Magento will give you the ultimate ecommerce solution with a powerful blend of highly scalable design and a wide-ranging support network.

Choose WordPress Training Course

  • You can choose Monday to Friday  batch  which is completed in 3 Months.
  • REGULAR which mostly involves minimum 6 months duration.

PLACEMENT include in both types of batch.

Certified WordPress Training

Version Up is Best PHP Training In Ahmedabad . We offer you PHP Course with 6+ Live Projects and free git course .PHP is Popular Now days because PHP is open source. we want student learn new things For this reason In This PHP Training In Ahmedabad course we  include Basic to advance modules. PHP Training Course also include laravel framework training course. In this Course We Have 10+ Modules. We Introduce PHP Course HTML TO Laravel Framework. We offers certification oriented PHP Training in Ahmedabad. Our participants will be eligible to clear all types of interviews at end of our sessions. Our PHP Training in Ahmedabad Course Fees structure is very moderate compared to others.This PHP Training is for Beginners To expert level  in Industry.so if you find php training institute near me you , than we are here to help you . Make  your career as PHP Developer  and Join Version Up Best Course  Training in Ahmedabad. Join us we provide the best PHP Training Course in Ahmedabd. For Free demo Class, Call/WhatsApp +91 – 8780656929

PHP Project deployment configurations and maintainability of code base

You can start your career as PHP- WordPress  web developer . 
Version Up is one of the best PHP training in Ahmedabad .you can also work on Live Projects . Training are based On Projects . You can learn how to create daynamic website ,  and third party integration. like payment gateway .
you can choose project defination by your self. if you don’t have any idea we are giving you best project defination for php .
Choose php training classes in ahmedabad wisely .
we are also providing weekend batch . No extra charges are available for weekend batch.Students have flexibility to pay in two monthly installments.Entire course is on industrial practice so awarded with experience latter on placement.


WordPress Training Course Content

WordPress(WP) Basic
WordPress Architecture
Getting to know the WordPress file structure
Use of WordPress for Blogging and custom site
Use of WordPress for Blogging and custom site
WordPress Installation and Settings
WordPress upgradation
Using WordPress as dashboard
Overview of admin panel view
General settings
Permalink Structure
Reading settings
Creating categories for posts
Creating post under categories
Creating multiple pages
Assigning tags for posts
Links management
Image Management within posts
Adding a contact form
Adding a custom loop for featured content
Creating admin user
Managing different user
Defining roles for users
Installing themes from library
Customizing themes and Modifying an existing theme
Customizing menus with in themes
Installing plugins from directory
Managing Plugins and Themes
Importing and Exporting the completed site and database
Create Dynamic website in WordPress step by step

WordPress Training Reviews

Anmol Jain

Just completed my WordPress training from Version Up IT Training, it was a best experience ever at Version UP IT Training Institute , totally friendly environment and got more technical knowledge rather than theoretical knowledge.for WordPress development course have great experience . got job as WordPress developer in Mobio Solutions

Partik Joshi

This is a very good IT Training Center good course. Short, simple buy extremely helpful. I I recommend this WordPress Training to my friends and colleagues immediately.

Payal Thakkar

If You want to learn "WordPress Training In Ahmedabad ", must visit Version Up IT Training Institute . They Provide WordPress Training With 100% Placement #WordPress

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Best PHP Training Institute to learn PHP Programming with Live Projects. Enrol in our Course & Classes Become PHP Developer & Get a Job!

WordPress Interview Questions

1.What are WordPress plugins?
WordPress plugins are group of functions, which add new features in your wordpress website or blog. There are more than 50,000 plugins in WordPress  directory. Lets assume you have a website and you want to include a form in your website, where visitor can send feedback. For this you can use a WordPress plugin like contact form 7, form builder or ninja form, which saves your time and money to develop or hire a developer.
PHP is a web language based on scripts that allow developers to dynamically create generated web pages.
2.What are the features of WordPress?
Its simplicity means it can be learned easily.
Flexibility, We can create any type of application like Blog, eCommerce site, etc using WordPress.
SEO friendly, It is an SEO-friendly application that makes the SEO work easy for indexing on search engines.3.Which programming language does PHP resemble?PHP syntax resembles Perl and C
4.What is the actually used PHP version?
Version 7.1 or 7.2 is the recommended version of PHP.
5.What are the plugins in WordPress?
Plugins are the peace of code that we can install in WordPress. It is used to extend the feature and functionality of the site.